Installing memcache on cPanel is not natively supported (like selecting a module in easyapache) but the installation is not so complicated either:

Firstly, access your server via SSH and:

run the command:

yum install -y memcached

This will install memcache and all the required dependencies.

Now access your servers WHM > Software > Module installer > PHP Pecl. Here, search for memcache. There will be two results:

[box type=”info” ]memcache

Install Both of them.

After this step, return to SSH and execute de following command:

memcached -d -m 512 -l -p 11211 -u nobody

(d = daemon, m = memory, u = user, l = IP to listen to, p = port)

You can adjust the memory value according to your needs, more or less than 512 MB

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