If you are using an iPhone/iPod/iPad/iPad Mini or any other iOS device and encounter the error:


[box type=”warning”] Cannot Send Mail A copy has been placed in your Outbox. The recipient “mail@example.com” was rejected by the server


Then you most probably did not set SMTP authentication when the email account was configured on that specific device. This is not only the user’s fault, Apple states in the configuration steps that these credentials are optional, well, they are not really optional, unless the SMTP server you are using is Open Relay.  However, the fix for this issue would be:

Access your Settings icon > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Email account > Account > “Outgoing Mail Server” | SMTP > Primary Server

Here you will have to complete the following fields:

User Name: john@example.com (in most cases the email address is also the SMTP User Name)

Password: ***** (your email password will go here)

Authentication [usually here you select Password]

Next, in order to save these settings, tap on “Done” in the upper-right corner. Now you should be set up and ready to send some emails.



    • Hi Joanne. Following these steps should fix this error. Could you please be more specific about the rejection? what would be the exact error message returned with the rejection.

  1. Thanks that did it. It was really strange though that yesterday everything worked find but today it stopped working until I made this fix. Can’t figure out why.

  2. This is endlessly frustrating. This info is in and correct, but getting the same nonsense. Deleted and added several times. I can receive but not send

    • If you are sure that authentication is enabled, and the error persists, I would advise you to contact your email service provider for further investigation, there is a slight possibility that a server – side restriction might be applied.

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