[ Error 0x80073cf9 ]

What is Windows Store?

Windows store is an application store for Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. The platform can be used to provide listings for desktop applications certified to run on Windows, but is also the primary distribution platform for a new type of mobile app called “Metro-style apps” (common name) or “Windows Store apps” (official name). -wikipedia




I saw all kind of complicated “solutions” on the net for this Windows 8/8.1 Store Error Code: 0x80073cf9 issue. I have not tried them since I’ve managed to fix it with the following solutions.(In my case I’ve solved it with Solution number 3 on windows 8.1, but I’ve posted other found solutions just in case.)

So, fixes for the annoying Windows 8/8.1 Store Error Code: 0x80073cf9:

Solution 1. Hit windows key+r and type wsreset -this resets the windows store cache. Now try to launch the app installation/update again
Solution 2. Launch the store, go to the settings charm -> click app updates->click “Sync licenses” button and then try again with the the app installation/update.

Solution 3. Go to C:\Windows and create a new folder with the name “AppReadiness”(without the quotes). Also, delete the folder with the name “AUInstallAgent” if one exists.

Solution 4. Now, this might be for windows 8, I have not tried it since my version is 8.1. Go to C:\Windows and create a folder with the name “AUInstallAgent” (without the quotes).

Note: After solution 3 or 4 hit the windows key+r and type “wsreset”(again, no quotes) and hit enter.


A link from Microsoft related to the issue, just in case the above solutions to the 0x80073cf9 don’t work, they will, but just in case:




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