If you recently installed APC on your cPanel server and although you configured an uptime for like a gazilion of seconds, but when accessing the APC information it shows:

Uptime 0 minutes

This is most likely caused by your PHP5 Handler. It seems that APC does not run properly on FCGID or SUPHP.In fact it only seems to function properly under DSO handler. In order to activate this handler  you will need to:


Acces WHM > Service Configuration > Configure PHP and suEXEC


Here, in the drop-down list for PHP 5 Handler select “dso” and click “Save New Configuration”. Saving this setting might take up to a few seconds, but afterwards APC should function OK.

Keep in mind that activating DSO can cause some errors in writing files and/or folders by your webserver, so you should check your websites for these kind of errors and apply 777 permissions for folders that might return read to file errors.

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