Apple has just presented during WWDC 2014 “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”, as they refer to it, known under the real name of iOS 8. But is iOS 8 the World’s most advanced mobile operating system? Let’s try and find out how this major update will affect more then 800 million owners of iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Key features of Apple’s iOS 8:




After years of experience and other 3rd party health and fitness tracking apps Apple has decided to bring forward a new feature in iOS8 called  Health. This feature will pull together data from different health-related apps into one place, creating a comprehensive profile for the user. It also lets the users send health information to doctors at selected hospitals.

Together with the rumored iWatch that will include sensors tracking the wearer’s heartbeat, steps, and other biometric information, Apple’s Health released in iOS 8 Could bring us a step closer to the future of healthcare and health monitoring.



Homekit is Apple’s response to Home Automation, launching the start in features of home automation for the ordinary consumer. In iOS 8 users can enjoy taking control of their home connected devices through their iPhone or iPad. Rumors say that Apple has partnered with numerous third-party companies in order to make this possible, this means that through an iPhone, one could control their thermostat, lights, surveillance system and even locks, garage doors and so on.

DND in Messages

Although not such a revolutionary feature like Health and Homekit, iOS 8 will also bring us a nifty little option which will assist us in making some message conversations silent. For example if your buddies are nailing down that karaoke outing while you’re at work, you can make them hush — while leaving other threads active — and come back to the chat later. This new feature realease in iOS 8 will let you mute conversation threads that you’re a part of without having to leave them entirely.

Family Sharing

Up to six members of a family will be able to share their iTunes purchases across different devices, meaning you and your brother no longer have to pay $6.99 each for “Minecraft.”

The catch is you’ll have to use the same credit card for all those purchases. It’s Apple’s way of preventing overly liberal interpretations of the word “family.”

This new feature also will let relatives more easily share calendars, photos, reminders and the like.

iCloud Photo Library

Apple will now offer more storage for all your photos and videos in the cloud with access to them from any device.

The iCloud Photo Library also will include a “smart” editing feature that lets users slide their finger to adjust multiple effects at the same time. For example, the app will allow you to tweak light, contrast and color on photos, with every adjustment automatically updated across all your devices.

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