If you have issues with user quota on your virtual machine, and "/scripts/fixquotas"
returns an error:

[box type="warning"]quotacheck: Can't find filesystem to check or filesystem not
 mounted with quota option. 

In order to fix this, you must login on the main server (node) and execute the 
following commands: 

vzctl set 101 --quotaugidlimit 10000 --save vzquota off 101 vzquota on 101 -s 1 vzctl restart 101
NOTE: "101" must be replaced with you corresponding contariner ID (CTID) Now, after the container has been restarted, enter it:
vzctl enter 101
And execute the following commands for user quota calculation:
quotacheck -acumgv /scripts/fixquotas
After successfully executing these commands, your user's quota should be properly displayed.


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