Amazon has just announced Echo, and it took everyone by surprise. It’s a speaker that is controlled by your voice. And it’s connected to the cloud. Why would a speaker be connected to the cloud? well let’s see.

Echo is more than just a speaker. It provides you with information, music, news, weather, and lots more. The only thing you need to do is ask it.



It’s a strangely innovative product for Amazon to launch. If it was launched by Apple or Google, it wouldn’t be so much of a big deal, but it’s amazon dude, it’s Amazon creating Amazing stuff.

It’s a personal assitant,  like Siri, but it’s for your house and always ready to answer your questions in order to help you out in your daily activity. You can place it anywhere as long as it’s near a power plug, Echo having 7 microphones that are able to recognize your voice from across the room even if there is music playing. WOW. According to the product’s page this is thanks to the beam-forming sensor technology that is able to hear you from any location in the room.





The speaker also produces 360-degree audio to fill an entire room. It’ll play music from Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn Plus. And it’s fully Bluetooth compatible, making playback from Spotify, Pandora, and other audio apps possible. Companion smartphone apps on Android and Fire OS will launch upon availability to help buyers set up and get started with the speaker, but everyone else (including iOS users) will need to access it via a web app. There are Rumors that say Amazon is having an iOS app in development for Echo.



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