Yepp, Sandisk Did it Again. They just launched 512GB SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I


Built for Pros

This nifty SD card does not only have a great storage capacity, but also high transfer rates, up to a whopping 95 MB/s! This is excellent for 4K UltraHD Video or RAW Bursting.

Alongside the 512 GB monster, Sandisk also launched two other SD Cards, all of them having up to 95 MB/s transfer speed but with different Storage capacities:

256  SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I

128  SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I


This pioneering step forward made by SanDisk shows us once again their proactiveness towards client needs, following technology trends like higher resolution for DSLRs, which results in larger RAW images, as well as 4K video – the new market standard towards which DSLR manufacturers are trending.

You can pre-order any of these SD Cards, just by clicking on the pictures below:






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